High School Championships Recap

High School Championships Recap

A total of 47 players from 8 different schools participated in the inaugural Ottawa High School Disc golf Championship which took place over two rounds on the 9-hole layout at Gardenway Park. Conditions were difficult for the mainly beginner field with swirling, strong winds and temperatures below 10C. 

Formally framed as a competition, it was an event that was able to focus on encouraging participation and developing an enduring interest in the sport of disc golf.

In addition to the competitiors, there were several on-course student volunteers to help players observe disc golf rules and etiquette, as well as maintain good flow around the layout. 

Community support of the event was provided by sposnorship from the Ottawa Disc Golf Club, and Ettyville SuperSpin; in addition to a donation of 75 discs from ODGC members, Prizes were plentiful and generous.

With the 2023 edition in the books, we can expect a stronger event in 2024 as word from the successful and enjoyable first event spreads. 


  1. Amélie Forges 71 (35 + 36) Garneau
  2. Raphaëlle Gagnon-Maheu 72 (36 + 36) Garneau
  3. Zoé Ngyuen 75 (38 + 37) Franco-Ouest


  1. Noah Bérubé 46 (24 + 22) Béatrice-Desloges
  2. Dylan McDonald 48 (26 + 22) St. Peter's
  3. Justin Raymond 52 (25 + 27) Béatrice-Desloges


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