2023 Spring Update

2023 Spring Update

Message from the ODGC,

As our spring Disc Golf season starts to get under way, I wanted to update you on some recent changes with the Ottawa Disc Golf club. Colin McDonald has decided to step down as President and I have been appointed by the Board to replace him. In addition, following the recent ODGC election and Annual General Meeting (AGM), we welcome several new faces onto the Board – Dietrich Sider and Dave Waithe, who will join re-elected Board members Justin Correia and Ken Darcovich along with returning Board members Angelica Haggert & Mike Adams. Thanks to everyone who attended our “in-person” AGM and a big thanks to the Rainbow Bistro for hosting our event!

A special thanks to Colin for his leadership and service over the past 2 years, overseeing the COVID membership boom, supporting continued growth in our sport’s popularity, starting a New Course committee and always being available for members. In the fall of 2022, the ODGC undertook an extensive membership survey to understand membership demographics and to ascertain ODGC priorities. The survey was completed by 77 members, a fantastic response. We also polled the ODGC FaceBook members and received another 40 responses.

Here are a few graphics on the survey results:

The top 2 member priorities were unanimous among both ODGC members and the Facebook group survey participants:
1) Build a new course in the City of Ottawa
2) Course maintenance, tee-pads & baskets (mostly Kanata)
The 3rd priority for ODGC members was to organize more tournaments, while the 3rd priority for the Facebook group was to organize more skills workshops.

In 2023, these are the priorities we will focus on. For new course development we now have an active 4-person committee pursuing several possible locations for a new course. For Kanata
course maintenance, we now have a 3-person team to take on this role. We thank Mike Adams for his many years of handling the Kanata course maintenance for the ODGC.

NEW for 2023 – the ODGC Board has approved new Ice League portable baskets AND new baskets for the Kanata course. The results on the ODGC Communication showed this is an area we can improve, with 44% indicating it is rated fair and/or needs improvement.

In order to address the need for improved communications, the ODGC is undertaking the following actions in 2023:
1) Launch a new ODGC website https://odgc.ca √ Done
2) Appoint a Communications lead for the ODGC. Big thanks to Jacob Mainville who will take on this role effective Sept 1st . Thanks Justin for providing updates until then.
3) Create a new Discord forum that will be up and running by May 1st √ Done (thanks Angelica!)

If anyone has questions on the survey, AGM or ODGC priorities please get in touch with me at laurie.dotto@gmail.com
Look forward to seeing you out on the course this spring and summer!



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