Ottawa Disc Golf Club

Orleans - Gardenway Park

Only 3 Baskest Up


Be advised that 6 of the 9 baskets have been removed for the winter months. Stay tuned for an update of when they will be available once again.


last modified: January 10, 2006

This 9-hole course is owned by a French elementary school called Jeanne-Sauvé. The Baskets are placed around the park behind this school on City of Ottawa land where they have an agreement with the city. This course is a very basic course and was designed for the students at the elementary school. The park itself has a baseball diamond, 2 soccer fields, tennis courts, basket ball courts, a play park, and an outdoor hockey rink. Needless to say, that there is often a lot of non-disc golfers on the course so please be mindful of this when you are playing there.

Although the course may seem small and easy, it gives players a chance to practice their up and down hill putting. 6 of the 9 baskets are on the drainage crator that holds the soccer fields.

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